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(11-3000+ mm diameter)

Designed for use with couplings when connecting pipes of significantly different outside diameters.

bushes1.jpg bushes2.jpg SC AND BUSH2 

Designed to be used with Flexseal Standard Couplings, Bushes are used when connecting pipes of significantly different outside diameter. Flexseal Bushes can also be used when a reduction or increase in the pipe size is required by the user. The product is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Fabricated Bushes are manufactured from an EN681-1 EPDM rubber strip which is cut and formed into a ring using a vulcanised joint. This extruded strip is stocked in six different thicknesses and can be manufactured to suit specific pipe sizes.

Utilising Flexseal’s advanced production processes and techniques, thicker Bushes can be manufactured with a profiled cross section which enhances the seal on rough pipe surfaces and provides a high performance seal on low pressure pipes due to an increase in the effective sealing pressure.

Moulded Bushes are produced using a rubber moulding technique, and are used when there is a significant difference in the outside diameter of the pipes to be connected or if an Adaptor Coupling is not suitable. Flexseal can also supply the product with nitrile sleeves for use with effluent which may be contaminated with hydrocarbons.


  • Can be manufactured to suit specific site and contractor requirements
  • Provide a high performance connection on low pressure pipes
  • Versatility of application enables the Bush to be used where a reduction or an increase in pipe size is required
  • Meets the WIS standard when used with a Flexseal Standard (Shearbanded) Couplings on adoptable sewers
  • The use of bushes simplifies an effective and waterproof connection as it equalises the pipe outside diameters to within 5mm


  • Bushes are used when pipe outside diameters are significantly different
  • Multiple combinations of Bushes are available
  • When ordering a Flexseal Bush, please provide the the OD of both pipes
  • For connections where conformity with the WIS standard is necessary 

Installation of a Standard Coupling using a Bush