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Flexseal Couplings Provide Landfill Gas Management Solution

Date: 2014-06-20

The problems caused by gases that emanate from landfills when refuse decomposes have long been a concern for waste management and environment authorities.

Flexseal Couplings provide landfill gas management solution

Composed of approximately 55% methane with the remainder being largely carbon dioxide, these gases can not only be health hazards, they can cause risks of explosion and even fire. What’s more, both carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, with methane considered to be twenty times more damaging to our environment than carbon dioxide. Given the UK’s commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent from the 1990 level by 2050, it is vital that gases from landfills are either harnessed or disposed of safely.

Gas collection systems at landfills are designed to prevent the escape and migration of methane and other gases, which present various risks of hazards and can continue to do so for up to 50 years. Once collected, the most common methods for managing landfill gas include flaring and storing it to produce heat or electricity.

Now, through use of Flexseal’s market leading flexible couplings, collecting and storing the methane emissions has become easier. At a landfill site in Ireland, a series of Flexseal Extra Wide couplings are being used to cap and prevent methane gas escaping from leachate chambers, which are used to monitor contaminated water level in the base of each cell of waste. The picture shows a 1400mm diameter coupling.

Flexseal couplings are ideal for such systems as they form a leak proof seal and are readily removable to allow the chamber to be maintained. They are also capable of maintaining a seal even during large ambient temperature changes that can cause the diameter of the plastic chamber to change considerably.

Used by landfill gas management companies throughout the British Isles and Europe, this method has been firmly adopted by leading environmental management services specialist, Irish Biotech Systems. Not only does it dramatically improve the sites’ safety, the gas is prevented from escaping and causing an environmental hazard and odour nuisance. The couplings also make it easier to extract, flare or utilise the gas at a later date.

Flexseal large diameter couplings are the ideal choice for projects that require bespoke fabrication. They are specially selected for multiple landfill projects in order to form a capping joint and provide a gastight connection. Flexseal rubber bushes are also often used to provide an infallible seal where a stepped joint is required.

Providing the most extensive range of couplings available in the marketplace, Flexseal continues to be at the forefront of industry developments and is delighted to be playing an active role in landfill gas management practices.