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Flexseal Extra Wide LCs Used at Water Treatment Works

Date: 2009-05-02

case coup LC 6case coup LC 5

Welsh Water

Water Treatment Plant

To connect a weholite pipe to two concrete pipes of different diameters.

Find a secure and reliable way of connecting a weholite pipe between two concrete pipes.

Flexseal’s extra wide couplings and bushes were provided to create secure and sealed connection for this particular situation.

As part of an upgrade to a waste water treatment plant in South Wales, two of Flexseal’s market leading large diameter couplings were used to seal the connection between two concrete pipes and a weholite pipe.

Due to different outside diameters of the pipes, a total of 6 Flexseal bushes were used to ensure an infailible seal. This required 3 bushes on each connection.

The OD of the concrete pipes were 1920mm, and using a 2x32mm and 1x8mm bush, the concrete pipe was connected to the 1770mm weholite pipe. A 300mm extra wide coupling was used to ensure a perfect seal, and account for the 85mm width of the bushes.