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3dFlexseal Ranges Used on M1 Widening Scheme

Date: 2010-03-09

During the M1 widening scheme, 120 Flexseal Saddle connections and over 300 Flexseal couplings were installed on the M1 Northbound, from Junction 25 to 29.


As part of the M1 widening scheme, which was completed in Autumn 2010, Flexseal have supplied a full range of our market leading Saddle connections and couplings.

The PA Saddle connections were installed into the 600mm twin wall ribbed surface water drainage pipe, and each was installed in around 7 minutes from pipe exposure. The alternative to using Saddle connections would be to cut an entire section out of the pipe using a standard junction as a joint. Using this method is not only costly and disruptive, it is also very time consuming.

Several of the UA Saddle connections were used on the larger diameter twin wall pipes as the Flexseal PA saddle connections are designed for use on up to 600mm diameter pipes.

A number of FA150B Saddle connections were also installed onto a variety of sized pipes, mainly 750mm concrete, and this aided the surface drainage on the M1.

There were more than 260 Flexseal couplings installed, ranging from SC290s to LC690s, including a selection ofFlexseal bushes used to connect pipes of differing outside diameters.

After this success on the M1, the PA Saddle connections received Highways Agency Approval, in addition to the Transport Scotland approval after its use on the A9.