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Flexseal Success at New Science Park Development

Date: 2010-10-14

Over 100 of Flexseal's FA150B Saddle connections were used at the site, saving time and reducing costs.


The Bristol & Bath Science Park is a new £300 million science park at Emerson's Green in Bristol. It will be one of the largest new science parks to be developed in the UK and will offer a state-of-the-art environment for science and technology businesses.

122 of Flexseal's leading FA150B Saddle connections were used at the site, allowing the connection of new lateral pipes into the existing 1.6m diameter main concrete sewer pipe. The images above show some of the installation process. The lateral pipe is inserted into the Saddle connection, allowing a deflection of 5 degrees, and ensuring a secure connection prior to backfill.

One photo shows three lateral pipes being installed along a 2-metre length of the pipe, and this was achieved without the pipe losing any structural integrity.

The site manager was impressed at the speed and efficiency of the product, explaining that each only took around half an hour to install, and twenty minutes of this was drilling a 172mm hole into the main pipe. This is a significant improvement compared to alternative methods.