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Fernco PVC Couplings Used on Bermuda New Build

Date: 2012-03-06

As part of a new building on an existing property in Bermuda, Brian Northcott has used a series of our Fernco PVC couplings.


Brian got in touch with Flexseal after seeing our publicity on Facebook, where we ask our customers to upload images of installations that include our products. He sent the photographs above to show us the site from start to finish, plus a few view shots of the area. Brian lives on the east end of Bermuda with his wife, and enjoys a coffee every morning overlooking the Mid Ocean Club golf course.

At 76, he is still carrying out much of this work himself, supported by his son in London who sent him two Fernco 070070s in the post as these are not available in Bermuda.

The household is set up to capture rainwater from its roofs, which is collected and stored in a set of tanks beneath the property. The water is then pumped around the house for use in clothes washing and toilet flushing.

The images show two 70mm Fernco PVC couplings used on the wastewater drainage line being installed, and two 100mm Fernco couplings, purchased in Bermuda, used for the main sewage line. This is then isolated all the way to a wastewater treatment system.

The images also show two 50mm Fernco couplings used on an extension to the additional rainwater downpipes.

We supply Fernco PVC couplings in sizes 100-500mm in diameter, and can be used to join pipes of various sizes and materials such as plastic, concrete and steel to provide a watertight seal.

Brian chose the most the suitable coupling for his installation as PVC couplings are the ideal solution for sanitary pipe work, underground drainage, sewerage and rainwater pipes.

Flexseal would like to thank Brian for sending us his photographs and details of the installation on his home.