If you have visited our website in the past you may now notice a few changes and a refreshed new look. We’ve coordinated a complete overhaul of the site which runs deeper than the simple aesthetics.

Integrated tools

We’ve previously introduced helpful digital tools for our customers, such as, an online product selector, our online training centre (Flexseal Academy) and an online marketing portal. These tools have become extremely popular over the years but have previously not been available via our website. We’ve now integrated these helpful tools into the website so that everything is available in one place.

Find the product information you need quicker

Over our 30 year history, we’ve innovated solutions for hundreds of scenarios, meaning our customers have more choice than ever. Additions to our product range can cause complexities in product specification, so to help simplify our ranges and help customers to identify the correct product for their project, we’ve reviewed and improved how we group products together. For example, our lateral connection saddles have now been grouped by the type of pipe they connect onto, simplifying the products down to just three ranges.

Each product range is now displayed with a clear application picture and short description, so that users can immediately see if it is the type of connection they need.

We’ve also added ‘related products’ to the bottom of each product page so that users are made aware of similar solutions which may better suit their application.

We’ve reviewed the information available via our website for each product and now outline much more detail around applications, best practice etc, as well as technical information on hand via datasheets.

Sector relevant product mix

Every product on our website is tagged with which sector(s) it relates to. So, users are now able to take a project they are working on, whether that be Housing, Highways, Utilities etc, and filter down to and specify all the connection requirements relevant to that project.

Get in touch with Flexseal or ask Flexseal to get in touch with you

Our ‘Contact’ page displays telephone numbers and email addresses for each team available for our customers, from sales, technical, project support, international etc.

Or, if you prefer, complete our short ‘Request a call back’ form and one of the team members will get back to you the same day.

“Flexseal has gone through a lot of positive change over the last 5 years and from it’s core operations has really aligned itself with the market and its customers. Our website, which is a crucial tool for our staff and customers, did not reflect that change, so we felt it was time to breath some new life into it.

We’ve had various teams across the business working together on delivering this new website for our customers, including, Marketing, Sales, Technical and Customer Service. I was extremely keen to not only align the website with our business and all of the offerings we’ve introduced over the past 5 years, but also align what it delivers for our customers’ needs.

The teams have conducted a lot of research into what our customers want and need and have produced an online platform that truly ticks all the boxes.”
Ryan Lockwood, Flexseal Marketing Manager.

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