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New App finds products at your fingertips

Date: 18 July 2016

FS280716 Flexseal App Products webFlexseal's new app instantly finds coupling, saddle and pipe seal products for merchant branch staff and their customers.

The user will enter some brief information about the application and the app will deliver the appropriate Flexseal product code, as well as further information about the product, if needed. 

“The Flexseal team developed the app to give customers the information they need quickly,” stated Lee Pashley, Managing Director of Flexseal.  “Once the app has been downloaded, it’s usable even when you don’t have a signal, so can be used on site, and the product results can be saved as a reminder for later.

“You can also dial Flexseal directly at the press of one button or seek further product information from our website, including accessing installation videos, but you’ll need a signal for those features to work,” he continued.

To find the correct product solution, the user will need to:

  • enter the outside diameters of the two pipes to be connected, for couplings;
  • answer a maximum of three multiple choice questions about the main pipe and lateral, for saddle applications;
  • know the size of pipe (or socket for gully seals), where a pipe seal is needed.

The app is available in the UK & Ireland for iPhone and Android smart phones, from the relevant App Store and can be found by searching for Flexseal.

To find the Flexseal app to download, please enter the relevant app store and search for Flexseal, or:
For Apple devices (iPhone, iPad etc.) For Android devices                     
Click this link Click this link

Use this QR code:

hyperlink applestoreapplink qrcode

Use this QR code:

hyperlink androidstoreapplink qrcode


“Our app is simple to use.  It offers a user-friendly alternative to looking at coupling charts or looking through lists to find the right product and it presents saddles and seals in a simpler way than ever before,” Lee commented.  “Merchant branch staff can confidently advise the builder or contractor of the product that they need, without spending time calling our office, and then check whether they have stock, so they can move onto supplying the correct item quickly.”

The app also features a handy search facility and quick links into the Product Category areas of Flexseal’s website, to explore the company’s Civils & Drainage, Plumbing and Water Management products.

FS280716 Flexseal App Results web