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Adaptor Couplings

(35-420mm diameter)

Designed for connecting pipes of different materials and outside diameters.

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Flexseal Adaptor Couplings are manufactured to meet and exceed the changing requirements of the drainage marketplace.  Adaptor Couplings provide a solution to connecting pipes of different outside diameters. The coupling is a stepped moulded EPDM sleeve that has different diameters at each end. The sleeve is fitted with two 1.4301 (304) stainless steel clamping bands.

Adaptor Couplings can also be used to connect all traditional and new pipe systems including structural walled plastic pipes where pipes of different diameters are to be conjoined.

Flexseal can also supply the product with nitrile sleeves for use with effluent which may be contaminated with hydrocarbons.  Couplings are also available with Grade 1.4401 (316) stainless steel for improved corrosion protection.

Like all Adaptor Couplings, Flexseal Adaptor Couplings do not meet with WIS-4-41-01 specifications. For WIS-4-41-01 applications a Flexseal Standard Coupling (SC) and a Bush (BC) should be used.

If connecting to a structural walled or ribbed plastic pipe, a Flexseal AR Adaptor coupling is required. The AR Adaptor Coupling incorporates an extra wide clamping band at one end to secure against two or more external ribs of the pipe. For more information, please see Flexseal AR Adaptor Coupling Data Sheet.

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  • Provides a quick and efficient method of connecting pipes of different materials and outside diameters
  • Lower cost alternative to using Bushes
  • Suitable for use on any pipe material


Adaptor Coupling Installation

For information about couplings for plumbing applications, please click here.

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