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End Caps

(28-360mm diameter)

For a watertight cap on a pipe end.


Flexseal END CAP 





Flexseal EPDM End Caps are ideal for capping pipe ends, cleanouts and open test pipes. Suitable for both above and below ground applications, Flexseal end caps can be used on any pipe material. The convex face allows the cap to withstand greater pressure for testing purposes and minimises ballooning. Flexseal EPDM End Caps are available as standard with a Grade 1.4301(304) stainless steel clamping system. Grade 1.4401 (316) available on request.

Air and Water Testing

Flexseal End Caps can be used for both air and water testing of pipelines provided the limitations of the product are taken into account.

The pressures used during testing are usually very low and as a result the end cap is able to resist this pressure without ballooning excessively.

However it is important to brace the end cap to minimise the inflation and to prevent the end cap sliding off the end of the pipe which is possible with smooth walled pipes.

The clamp is capable of sealing up to a pressure of 0.6bar. At this pressure, bracing should be used as a precautionary measure.

Flexseal End Caps can be supplied with an Air Test Nipple.