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Flexseal Multibush

(100, 150 & 200mm diameter)

For the connection of DN100, DN150 & DN200 pipes of differing outside diameters.

Flexseal Multibush 1Flexseal Multibush 2

Flexseal Multibush 3




The Flexseal Multibush combines three standard bushes into one product by allowing the user to fold the product into different thicknesses. This is ideal when it’s unclear which pipe materials need to be connected as it will connect pipes of any standard wall thickness. For example a 100mm Multibush can act as a 3mm, a 6mm or a 9mm bush and connect a clay to PVC, clay to cast iron, ductile iron to twinwall and many more.

WIS 4-41-01 guidelines specify the use of a shear-banded coupling when connecting sewer pipes, which can present difficulties when connecting pipes of different ODs.

Using a Flexseal Multibush and a Standard Coupling avoids the need to stock different couplings for different connections, and so provides a cost efficient, time efficient and stock efficient pipe connection. No matter which pipe materials you’re working with, the Flexseal Multibush will guarantee a secure connection.


  • Provides a high performance waterproof seal on low pressure pipes
  • Versatile - one product, three options
  • Avoids the need to stock different couplings for different wall thicknesses
  • Ensures compliance with WIS 4-41-01 when used with a Flexseal Standard Coupling on adoptable sewers
  • More efficient than alternatives, such as a coupling with an integrated bush
  • Manufactured from EN681-1 EPDM Rubber

Use of the Multibush with DN150 pipes



Installation of the Flexseal Multibush