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Icon Mechanical: 150mm and above Internal Coupling

for a watertight seal where the pipe exterior is inaccessible

Icon Coupling Logo update webThe unique Icon coupling creates a secure, watertight connection between the internal surfaces of two pipes.

This means that a secure seal can be achieved even where the external surfaces of the pipes are irregular or inaccessible, solving problems on site such as:



  • Achieves a secure connection where traditional couplings cannot be used
  • Permanent, watertight and airtight connection is achieved
  • High quality components
  • Installation is simple and carried out with everyday tools
  • Specially designed bushes are available to accommodate small differences in internal diameter, enabling a wide range of pipe combinations to be connected

The simple installation procedure can be seen in the video below:


The Icon coupling features a stainless steel body which compresses the rubber against the internal surfaces of the pipes, when tightened.  Other features include:

  • Available to suit pipes with internal diameters from 150 - 600mm.
  • Overall width of coupling is 130mm
  • Stainless steel components are Grade 1.4301 (304) material
  • Sizes 150mm up to 300mm with single bolt assembly; sizes greater than 300mm with two bolt assembly
  • Seal has tapered end sections for a smooth transition between the pipe bore and the coupling

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For information about couplings for plumbing applications, please click here.

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