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Magnum Couplings

(300-3000+ mm diameter)

The widest flexible coupling in our range, at 370mm.

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The unique Flexseal Magnum Couplings is 370mm wide - the widest flexible coupling currently available in the marketplace.

The greater width enables greater tolerance when cutting the pipe ends, and considerably more freedom of movement during any ground settlement.

The coupling will also withstand pressures of up to 4 bar, dependent on the diameter. Please refer to the Pressure Table in the Data Sheet download below.

The Flexseal Magnum is available in diameters of between 300mm and 3000+ mm, and, as with the leading Flexseal Standard Coupling range, is suitable for connection of pipes of virtually any material.

Magnum Couplings are made from EN681-1 EPDM rubber and have Grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel clamps and shearbands.

Please contact our sales office for further details.


  • Its greater width enables an easier and more efficient on site installation process
  • Provides a high performance seal on large diameter pipelines
  • Offers greater allowance for pipe movement
  • On site pipe cutting is made easier due to the increased tolerance on the pipe ends
  • Allows for greater angular deflection at the point of connection
  • Provides increased pressure rating on most diameters - please refer to pressure table below for more specific information

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