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FA Saddle

Used to connect a DN150/DN200 lateral pipe into a thick walled sewer pipe.

FA150B WRC Approved

The range consists of two saddles which are suitable for use with all pipe materials: FA150B and FA200B.

Unisaddle FA150B


  • Accepts a deflection on the lateral of 15 degrees
  • Withstands a vertical load of 2 tonnes
  • No need to excavate around the pipe and disturb the pipe bedding
  • Withstands 1 bar internal pressure
  • WRc Approved
  • Suitable for pipes with a wall thickness of 50mm and above

Which FA Saddle do I need?

  FA150B FA200B
Internal diameter of main pipe 450 - 1500mm 450 - 1500mm
Wall thickness of main pipe  50 - 150mm 50 - 150mm
Lateral Pipe Diameter DN150 DN200

These saddle connections can be used with all lateral pipe materials. For details on each specific pipe material and size, please see the Data Sheet download below. 

For the correct saddle connection selection to be made, please ensure you inform your supplier of the OD and type of lateral pipe being used. 

FA Saddle Installation


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