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PA Saddle

To connect a 160mm OD PVC lateral pipe into a twin wall or ribbed main pipe up to DN600.

There are four models available in this range - PA1530, PA1540, PA1550 and PA1560. PA WRC Approved  Each saddle is suitable for connection into a pipe of a different internal diameter.


PA product image


  • Will withstand 0.5 bar internal pressure 
  • No need to excavate around the pipe and disturb the pipe bedding 
  • Materials are unaffected by normal ground conditions

Usage Details:

The below table is intended as a guide only.  Please check with Flexseal's Technical Department prior to final product selection.

  PA1530 PA1540 PA1550 PA1560
Interal diameter of sewer pipe 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm
Wall thickness of sewer pipe VARIOUS VARIOUS VARIOUS VARIOUS
Lateral pipe type 160mm PVC 160mm PVC 160mm PVC 160mm PVC
Internal diameter of lateral 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Drilled hole size 177mm 177mm 177mm 177mm


This saddle range will cover sewer pipes from DN300 up to and including DN600. The saddles are generally suitable for the standard range of pipe wall thicknesses used by various pipe manufacturers.

For these saddles to function correctly the model chosen has to follow the pipe contour as closely as possible. Variations in wall thickness and pipe diameter can affect this.

For the correct selection to be made the following information is required about the main pipe:
•   Either the pipe brand / manufacturer and nominal diameter.
•   Or two of the following three dimensions: wall thickness, inside diameter, outside diameter


PA AdaptorPA Adaptor

The PA Saddle will accept a 160mm PVC lateral pipe as standard, however, the saddle can be made universal by adding a Lateral Pipe Adaptor. The adaptor can be installed into the saddle which can branch off to fit a different material DN150 pipe or a smaller DN100 pipe or larger DN200 pipe.

Product Range

Product Code Application
PA110 110mm PVC pipe
PA130 100mm clay pipe
PA140 100mm salt glazed clay
PA170 150mm ultra rib
PA180 150mm clay pipe/twinwalled pipe
PA200 200mm cast iron