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Puddle Flanges

(32 - 1300mm diameter)

Ensures a watertight seal where pipes pass through the walls of any structure below groundwater level.



Flexseal Puddle Flanges are used to seal around the outside of pipes that are required to pass through concrete structures. They are installed during construction.

Pipes passing through concrete will not bond to the concrete and water can pass along the external surface of the pipe. Flexseal Puddle Flanges act as a barrier to this flow. The seal is clamped onto the pipes and stops this direct route. The seal body is compressed during the pouring process and should the concrete shrink during curing the rubber relaxes and maintains a seal against this flow path.

Flexseal Puddle Flanges provide an effective solution against water penetration along the external surface of pipes that pass through concrete structures such as tanks, manhole chambers, shafts, floor slabs and basements.




• A cost effective solution
• Easy to install
• Can be installed in walls, floors and ceilings
• Good general chemical resistance


• Suitable for use with all smooth walled pipes provided that the pipe surface, at the point of installation, is clean,
   smooth and free of pores or surface imperfections
• Most pipe sizes can be accommodated from 32mm through to 1200mm and above
• Installed on pipes during construction where water penetration has to be prevented
• Domestic and commercial developments

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