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Wall Seals

(40-1099mm diameter)

For connection of pipes into manholes and other pre-cast structures

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Flexseal Wall Seals are used with pre-formed or cored holes and are particularly suited for pre-cast structures or the post fitting of pipes. Flexseal Wall Seals allow for angular* and lateral misalignment of the pipes and provide an effective seal against water penetration along the pipe.

Flexseal Wall Seals are manufactured from 40 IRHD elastomer approved in accordance with BS EN 681-1.
When correctly installed Flexseal Wall Seals will withstand hydrostatic pressures of 0.5bar.


• High performance and effective seal
• Quick and easy to install
• Cost effective and secure solution
• Accommodates deflection and misalignment


• Connect pipes to manholes and other structures
• Wall Seals allow for angular and lateral misalignment of the pipe
• Ideal for pre-cast structures or the post fitting of pipes

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