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Storage and Handling

Recommendations for the storage and handling of Flexseal Couplings and Bushes:

1. Storage

Products should be checked for quantity and damage during transit. All rejects found during inspection shall be returned.

All products are to be stored and handled in conditions free from compression, tension or other deformation.

Attention is drawn to the need to keep the product away from heat, continual sunlight or intense artificial light. Also protection from ozone, mercury vapour lights or other high voltage equipment which could cause electrical discharges is advised.

2. Stock Rotation

The method of storage shall be organised with the oldest products in store presented first for sale.

3. Sales

At the time of sale or despatch to site the product shall be visually inspected for signs of damage. The person responsible for the sale/despatch shall sign the advice note/invoice if not identifiable by a company code.

4. Audit

The storage and handling of Flexseal products will be regularly inspected by a representative of the company.